The Past Two Weeks — I Had The Most Adverse Adrenaline Rush Of My Life So Far

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Life is unpredictable.

We hear this sentence more often. But it is just recently I experienced some undesirable emotions as an adult. It felt like I am about to lose some precious one in my life. But thankfully, God has His plans always. And without a doubt, I surrender to Him.

My father is a diabetic patient. He was out of town to attend a family wedding. On his return, the very next day, he fell ill. Feeling nauseous to throwing up and losing balance while standing or walking, I knew something is not going well. And top of all, he got infectious wound on his foot.

I took him to visit the doctor. He asked us to get some tests done, which we did so. For the time being, some medicines were also prescribed. But as his condition was really critical, he couldn’t even take them. One dose he took and threw up immediately.

The next day, the medical reports we received revealed it all. His blood sugar level has shot up to 550, which is insane. The doctor advised for his admission in the hospital at the very moment. A patient needs intensive care treatment in this condition. But my father being his stubborn-self refused to do so. Telling us to bring some nurse at home for treatment in the morning as he won’t be able to make it then, he left us helpless. And as per say, we can’t force him on anything.

That night was heavy on us. At around 2:30 AM to 3:00 AM, he was hardly breathing. My mother got me up to take him to the hospital at that time — in the midnight. We took him in the emergency. The staff there had a discussion with the doctor and started the treatment. It took three to four hours to stabilize his condition to an extent. It was sun rise now. All night went by like this.

Now, they had to shift him to the ICU. It was all scary for me. I hadn’t even seen such stuff happening to anyone in real before. It was heart wrenching for me to see all those events.

Since my father has good terms with almost all relatives, we had to inform them about it now. Everyone got worried. Some of them even travelled all the way from a different city to meet him. It was his three sisters who came with all their children and stayed at our place. Now just imagine the situation when you are taking care of the patient as well as entertaining the guests simultaneously. It was one hell of a nightmare.

Between all the rushes from home to hospital and hospital to home, all my energies drained to the max. Managing all that stuff alone was a big task. And then, attending a total of eleven guests added a cherry on top at that time. Nevertheless, those days also passed.

My father got discharged from hospital after two days. Everyone greeted him at home. Now it felt relieved as he had been doing better then. Now what we had to do is look after him; give timely medications and a proper diet for recovery. And that is something still going on. As we all know, this process of getting back to health is quite slow and steady.

Though he is improving day by day, it is a request to pray for his good health. I, myself, is also taking my time to get back to the routine after all these disturbing days. And I hope I’ll get there soon.

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A Freelance Copywriter | Lifestyle Blogger | Self-Help Content Creator. Visit my website:

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Meshal Farid Bhatti

Meshal Farid Bhatti

A Freelance Copywriter | Lifestyle Blogger | Self-Help Content Creator. Visit my website:

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